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Julian Martin

BAKRY  (he/him)


is a french writer and queer activist, passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Through his work as a D&I Trainer and Oppression Mechanism Explorer, he helps people uncover the complexities of social systems through engaging and playful exercises, encouraging transformative learning experiences.

Christian Schelbert

CHRISTIAN (he/him)


Christian is a social and sex worker. He offers workshops, massage and BDSM sessions as well as coaching and bodywork around the topic of sexuality. The basis of his work is Sexological Bodywork, as well as various workshops and trainings in erotic massage and BDSM.

Sexual orientation and identity are for him lifelong inspiration and development topics, with which often fundamental and deep issues are linked. Working with them is rewarding and pleasurable!



Christian Schelbert

DANILO (er/ihm, he/him)


Danilo plays 6 instruments and teaches music. For several years he has also been involved in incense and some time ago began to combine the two fields.


As instruments he uses didgeridoo, handpan, sansula, koshi, cymbals and his voice. The resins he has brought back mainly from his travels in the Orient.


He "sets the moment to music", picks up on what is present and creates spaces of sound, vibration and smoke, in which one may meet.

JASON (he/him)


Jason King is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, somatic sex educator, and tantric coach. He is passionate about helping people expand their sense of what’s possible in the fields of sexuality and intimacy, so that our hearts and spirits may flourish. He works with individuals and groups to manifest powerfully healing embodied experiences, expand our consciousness, and embrace our erotic oneness.



Julian Martin

JULIAN (he/him)


Julian originally studied acting, dance and voice before discovering his passion for massage and bodywork. He is based in Zurich, organizes and leads courses and weekend workshops for people within the queer-male-spectrum all over the world. Important topics are breath, voice, movement, touch, self-acceptance and discovering and expressing one's own needs as the key to a liberated and creative (sex) life.



Love Dragon

LOVE DRAGON (he/him/*any pronoun used with good intentions)


Lovedragon facilitates tango-based body awareness and communication workshops, teaches Rope Flow Meditation and organises Playfight Rituals. He also gives massages and is a passionate boardgamer.

LUKA (he/him)


Polyamorous trans man with a never ending curiosity for love and life. Coming from martial arts, Butoh and BDSM, I am also exploring the energetic and meditative spaces these techniques are offering.



Pinto is a massage therapist from Rio de Janeiro. He has a natural balance of theoretical knowledge and empathic intuition when he is approaching his clients. He has been developing his techniques in touch and intimacy since he moved to London 4 years ago. He has been awarded the ITEC Diploma in the renowned London School of Massage. His motto is: Good Things Can’t Be Rushed.



ROWAN (he/him)


Rowan loves to hold space for allowing your emotions coming up and feeling them. Using his Japanese background he will use Japanese calligraphy and combine it with mindfulness and bodypainting that will bring you a whole new experience.




Simon Magnus

SIMON (he/him)


Simon runs workshops that use play and creativity to help us reconnect to a deeper sense of ourselves, and see our place in the communities we are part of. He has spent the last 20+ years developing methods from improvised theatre to somatic trauma work to bring people back in touch with their bodies. Working from mental health settings to corporate teams, he takes people on journeys which unmask a deeper self.




TAMER (he/him)


Tamer is a singer, performer and a voice of LGBTQ+. The act of performance is an art of self-expression and countering social norms through the deconstruction of body discipline. Through creative posturing, he reclaims the diversity in our characters.



Tiberius Binder

TIBERIUS (er/ihm, he/him)


After studying theater and musicology in cultural magement, and as an assistant director behind and as a singer on stage active.

For over 13 years I have accompanied people in my own practice as a psychological counselor, partner counselor, kinesiologist and human energetic, MQT®-medical Qigong trainer and herbalist on their paths.