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Julian originally studied acting, dance and voice before discovering his passion for massage and bodywork. He regularly organizes and leads men's courses and weekend workshops in Zurich and Berlin. Important topics are breath, voice, movement, touch, self-acceptance and discovering and expressing one's own needs as the key to a liberated and creative (sex) life.

His short film "Eros Touch Ritual" (2020) has been screened at festivals all over the world and has won 8 awards.





Christian is a social and sex worker. He offers workshops, massage and BDSM sessions as well as coaching and bodywork around the topic of sexuality. The basis of his work is Sexological Bodywork, as well as various workshops and trainings in erotic massage and BDSM.

Sexual orientation and identity are for him lifelong inspiration and development topics, with which often fundamental and deep issues are linked. Working with them is rewarding and pleasurable!






sam is a polyamorous radical faerie who loves to play in lots of ways with desire, the body, and sexuality. sam takes what he knows about this practice with people, bodies, and sexuality from widely diverse contexts where sam has participated in, assisted, or co-created play. sam explores encounters between people and loves and lives meditation and BDSM.



Chris first got involved in Contact Improvisation Dance when he was living on the U.S. West Coast in the early 90’s. Regular CI Jam Sessions and dances became beautiful physical metaphors for the give and take in relationships. Chris is an Initiator, Burn Event Organizer, active Humaniversity AUM Leader, Lomi Lomi (oil massage) Practitioner, Aquatic Bodyworker, NLP Master to name a few. Encountering the Touch&Play Tribe met his passion for exploring dance and touch, communication and community which he hopes to share with as many people as possible.

Chris has been facilitating the Switzerland Sessions since 2016 and has led more than 1200 participants through the process since then.




Music, dance and movement are central parts of my life. The path from dance to movement meditation led me through further education in various dance styles, including Japanese Butô, several years of martial arts, BDSM sessions and many 5-rhythm waves. In my pre-transition life I lived and passed on the desire for striptease and lapdance in performances and workshops. Today I am more dedicated to the energetic and meditative aspects of dance. Sound, music and dance are infinite sources of energy that allow us to open up and make deep contact with ourselves, with others and with everything. Certified adult educator. Certified nature and adventure educator.


gay trans man, sex educator (gsp), somatic counselor, sexological bodyworker (ISB), dancer and pleasure activist. Leader of workshops and individual counselling on the topics of body awareness, intimacy and sexuality. Speaker for trans-specific topics in the field of sexual health.





Red has been practicing yoga for years, experiencing with different schools and eventually developing his own style.


He teaches naked yoga for men in Zurich.



Lovedragon facilitates tango-based body awareness and communication workshops, teaches Rope Flow Meditation and organises Playfight Rituals. He also gives massages and is a passionate boardgamer.



Coco is an audio and video artist. In his artworks he explores gender identities, sexuality and taboo topics. Since he was 16 years old he is interested in different western as well as eastern body techniques, integrates them in his life and gives workshops in Asia, America and Europe: brainwave training, creating in flow, Zen meditation, Tantra, Tao, massage, BDSM, autogenic training and Alexander technique.




I'm Laurie, and I love holding space for human-to-human connections to arise, deepen and flourish. I have facilitated over 200 Authentic Relating and Authentic Dating workshops in Oceania and Europe, including online, at festivals, and within organisations. My workshops have sparked thousands of nourishing connections, turning many strangers into life-long friends.




Simon runs workshops that use play and creativity to help us reconnect to a deeper sense of ourselves, and see our place in the communities we are part of. He has spent the last 20+ years developing methods from improvised theatre to somatic trauma work to bring people back in touch with their bodies. Working from mental health settings to corporate teams, he takes people on journeys which unmask a deeper self.





Niv is a out and proud gay man from Israel living in London. He has participated in many retreats both for men only (with and without clothes) and also Contact Improvisation festivals for mixed men and women. Coming from the world of Contact Improvisation he is very experienced in giving and receiving touch with full consent while respecting boundaries.