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SATURDAY, 16 MARCH 2024 | 14:00 - 19:00 h


LIQUID LOVE is a collective experience that explores

the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact in warm organic oil.


The concept is simple: we will put warm, fine, neutral oil on the skin, from where it will spread all over the body, forming a slippery substance that allows to swim more and more together with other sliding bodies. We wear blindfolds during this process so that we can give ourselves completely to the sensation, detached from visual impressions.

Everyone is invited to follow their own rhythm and respect their limits for touch and nudity. We invite you to move and be moved without intention or sexual orientation. As we let go of the desire to act on our erotic sensations and thoughts immediately, we invite you to notice them and relax into the energetic flow of the bodies around you. This is a place where you can love and be loved unbound, and most importantly, a place where your soul can super charge.


Workshop procedure:


In the first part of the workshop, we will guide the group through exercises on consensus, boundaries, nonverbal communication, and self-regulation, creating a trusting space where everyone can feel comfortable and safe enough.


We will create a guided transition into shared nakedness with an undressing ritual.


In the second part, you will dive into a sea of oil and naked bodies for about 90 minutes blindfolded, moving slowly and getting in touch with other men, giving and receiving sensual touches and nourishing your soul with love.


Arousal and erections are very welcome. The agreement here, however, is that there will be NO oral or anal sex and we are not orgasm oriented.


For hygienic reasons, we do not ejaculate. After the oil session, we provide wipes to wipe off the oil. Note that there is no shower on site.


We explicitly welcome all men, no matter if you are fat, thin, muscular or hairy and no matter what your genitals and body look like. Because of the risk of injury you should be fit and without movement restrictions!


CHRIS (he/him)


Chris first got involved in Contact Improvisation Dance when he was living on the U.S. West Coast in the early 90’s. Regular CI Jam Sessions and dances became beautiful physical metaphors for the give and take in relationships. Chris is an Initiator, Burn Event Organizer, active Humaniversity AUM Leader, Lomi Lomi (oil massage) Practitioner, Aquatic Bodyworker, NLP Master to name a few. Encountering the Touch&Play Tribe met his passion for exploring dance and touch, communication and community which he hopes to share with as many people as possible.

Chris has been facilitating the Switzerland Sessions since 2016 and has led more than 1200 participants through the process since then. www.liquid-love.ch

JULIAN (he/him)


Julian originally studied acting, dance and voice before discovering his passion for massage and bodywork. He regularly organizes and leads men's courses and weekend workshops in Zurich and Berlin. Important topics are breath, voice, movement, touch, self-acceptance and discovering and expressing one's own needs as the key to a liberated and creative (sex) life.

His short film "Eros Touch Ritual" (2020) has been screened at festivals all over the world and has won 8 awards. www.menbodywork.ch

In Zusammenarbeit mit www.liquid-love.ch

Thanks to Daniel from www.touchandplay.org