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for GBTQ+ men




Welcome to LIQUID LOVE,

the unique experience that explores the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact in warm organic oil. 


Do you want to satisfy your need for physical contact, sensual touch and companionship and give your body an oxytocin boost? Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone or the bonding hormone, plays a key role in your wellbeing. And your body will release a lot of it during this session with 20 to 30 other beautiful bodies!


A sensual feel-good rush that you don't want to miss! 



You come to the workshop already freshly showered (there is no shower on site).

The first part of the workshop will prepare the group with exercises on boundaries, consensus, non-verbal communication and self-regulation so that we create a trusting space that feels safe enough for everyone. 


Become part of a big cuddle pile of naked bodies with warm oil poured over them. Blindfolds help you to detach yourself from visual impressions and immerse yourself completely in perception through your skin and sense of touch. Bodies glide slowly and playfully over and under each other and you can simply relax and enjoy.

You are invited to follow your own rhythm, to move without intentions or sexual orientation or to surrender and let yourself be moved.


There is no oral or anal stimulation in this session, and we are not orgasm-oriented.

Consensual touching in the genital area is allowed. No grabbing.

Arousal and erections are welcome. For hygienic reasons, we refrain from ejaculation.

Our focus is rather on promoting sensual connection and the well-being of all participants.


"Off-boarding" is guided by us and we provide wipes to wipe off the oil. However, bring an additional terry cloth to wipe away the last traces of oil. Note that there is no shower and you will leave with oily hair. 

There will be time and space for sharing, integration and reflection in a closing circle.


Aside from the above mentioned oxytocin boost that will flood your body during this session, you will be enriched by many experiences and can develop personally. Many former participants report that they have developed a more positive - less shameful - relationship with their own body after this adventure and find it easier to communicate their own needs and boundaries. Ingrained patterns in sexuality can also be recognized and dissolved, making room for new creativity in physical encounters. 


We warmly welcome all cis and trans men, as well as individuals with other gender identities within the queer masculine spectrum, regardless of body type, appearance, or disability.



This event only takes place twice a year in Zurich.

Don't miss out on this opportunity and




The regular ticket price is CHF 150. We are offering a limited number of tickets at a social price of CHF 130 for those on low incomes and would be delighted if some of the better earners showed their solidarity by purchasing a supporter ticket for CHF 170. If you come with a friend/partner/lover, you can join us with a couple's ticket for 280 CHF!



We also offer helper tickets for CHF 90. As a helper, you come an hour earlier and stay an hour longer. You help us set up and tidy up and take on a few small tasks during the workshop. 




At LIQUID LOVE we speak German and English, or do our best to adapt the language to the needs of the group. 


CHRIS (he/him)


Chris first got involved in Contact Improvisation Dance when he was living on the U.S. West Coast in the early 90’s. Regular CI Jam Sessions and dances became beautiful physical metaphors for the give and take in relationships. Chris is an Initiator, Burn Event Organizer, active Humaniversity AUM Leader, Lomi Lomi (oil massage) Practitioner, Aquatic Bodyworker, NLP Master to name a few. Encountering the Touch&Play Tribe met his passion for exploring dance and touch, communication and community which he hopes to share with as many people as possible.

Chris has been facilitating the Switzerland Sessions since 2016 and has led more than 1200 participants through the process since then.


JULIAN (he/him)


Julian originally studied acting, dance, and vocal performance. For two decades, he graced the stages of musical theatre. However, it was a transformative moment that led him to uncover a new calling – the art of massage and bodywork, incorporating male* sexuality.

Now rooted in Zurich, Julian passionately shares his skills and knowledge by organizing and guiding courses, weekend workshops, and retreats tailored for individuals within the queer-male spectrum. His teachings transcend mere physical techniques, delving into profound themes such as breath, voice, movement, and the power of touch. Central to his philosophy is fostering self-acceptance, navigating through the complexities of shame, and empowering individuals to embrace and articulate their needs. Julian firmly believes that this journey of self-discovery is pivotal in unlocking a liberated and creatively fulfilling life, particularly in matters of intimacy and sexuality.

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