OLIVER (he/him)


As a professional dancer, I follow the holistic approach of bringing body and mind into harmony. 

The fascination of different massages and the musculoskeletal system has always interested me very much. During my training and my previous professional work as a masseur I was able to gain valuable experience.

With this background I also work passionately as a BDSM Master.


ALEXANDER (he/him)

gay trans man, sex educator (gsp), somatic counselor, sexological bodyworker (ISB), dancer and pleasure activist. Leader of workshops and individual counselling on the topics of body awareness, intimacy and sexuality. Speaker for trans-specific topics in the field of sexual health.



🏳️‍⚧️ Alexander is also our contact person for all concerns and questions from trans people: kontakt@alexanderhahne.com

PATRICK (he/him)


Patrick is a medical masseur, tantric masseur, sexological bodyworker and yoga teacher.

He runs his own practice in Wallisellen/Dübendorf, where he accompanies his clients on their way to a better body awareness.