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9 / 10 OCTOBER 2021 | zürich


We invite all GBTQ men to try out, experiment, explore boundaries, overcome shame and explore your authentic self in a weekend of workshops. Leave everyday life behind and dive into new worlds with curiosity, courage and openness.


Eight experienced teachers, bodyworkers, healers and artists will create a varied program of 17 workshops on bodywork, sexuality, spirituality, creativity and ritual. There will sometimes be two workshops at the same time, so that you can choose where you want to go.


We speak swiss german, high german and english.

 * We explicitly welcome all men, no matter if you are fat, thin, muscular or hairy, no matter what your genitals and body look like and no matter if you have a disability.


Because of the risk of injury, you should be fit for some workshops and not restricted in your movements!



Serrat(u)s Bodywork

Zwinglistrasse 40

8004 Zürich


Samstag 10am - 6pm*

Sonntag 10am - 6pm

* optional visit in a gaysauna on Saturday night


Weekend tickets will cost 290 CHF at the start of presales on February 7, 2021.

The price increases with each day until the festival by approx. 0.40 CHF to 390 CHF


Feel free to purchase a full-price ticket for 390 CHF at any time and become a supporter.

For each supporter ticket purchased, we can offer a person with low income the participation at a lower price.

If you need a discount, please contact us by email. 


For 30 CHF it is possible to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday in the course room. There are enough mats. Bring your own sleeping bag or bedding! You can purchase a ticket for that together with your ticket for the event.


If you live in Zurich and can offer a place to sleep, please post it in the Facebook-Group  or let us know by email