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The first workshop is open to everyone. After that, you can spontaneously decide which of the three workshops you want to attend. In the middle and at the end of the day we all meet in the big room for further information and a short sharing. The program is subject to change.  


We have three rooms, a small sauna, a kitchen and garden, as well as three showers/toilets. 

The anteroom of the sauna is also used for workshops. It may happen that for the workshops the rooms are spontaneously swapped if it makes sense due to the number of participants. Please be in the respective room 5 minutes before the start of the workshop so that we can assess whether rooms need to be changed. 


On Saturday evening the rooms (play space, cuddle space, kitchen, garden and sauna) are available to all participants until 10:30 pm to play and relax.


Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 10:00 - 11:15
Be Authentic - Get naked

WELCOME & undressing RITUAL

with JULIAN (d/e)


After the welcome and information talk, we will get in the mood for the weekend with a short guided meditation.

We will consciously celebrate the transition from clothed to naked with a ritual and greet and honor our bodies with various touches.

Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 11:30 - 13:00


with NIV (e)


Workshop about touch and consent. How do we give and receive touch? How do we ensure we meet our own boundaries and those of the giver and receiver? And you never "pick a partner" rather universe picks and you change between many partners.

Aloha - body and face

with TIBERIUS (d)


A journey of experience to the largest organ:The skin.

Experiment with light and deep touches:

Kneading, feathering, tapping, rubbing, scratching, pinching, ... Enter into deeper contact with yourself, expand your sensuality repertoire and discover new access to your body feeling.

How does my partner react to my touch? What is good for me?


with LAURIE (e)


Is touch your love language?

Do you desire a space to see and be seen, to hold and be held?

Embodied Relating is the practice of listening, speaking and touching in deep awareness of presence and sensation, creating more truthful & loving connections.

Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 13:15 - 14:00
Connect with other men

How to navigate through the festival

After you already got an impression of the festival with the welcome ritual and your first workshop, in this block we will clarify more questions and give you even more tools for self-regulation and self-care.

Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 15:30 - 17:00


with SIMON (e)


In this workshop we will bring play deeper into your body and use it to create moments of intimacy with yourself and others. What does it mean to be playfully intimate? Play is a fundamental part of what makes us human; it’s how we learn, how we connect and how we deepen our relationships. However for a lot of us true instinctual play doesn’t play a role in our adult lives. Let’s change that together!


with LOVE DRAGON (d/e)


In this workshop we will learn to tune into someone else’s needs of comfort and safety while following our own agenda. This physical double-task is demanding, but has some real-life parallels. Originally just a 10-min-long warm-up exercise for playfight rituals, here we will finally have lots of time to explore how to be there for others and letting others take care of us. This workshop may include holding, gentleness and struggles to let go.


love letter to your asshole

with ALEXANDER (d/e)


Your asshole and you in pleasurable connection. Alone and at the same time being in the group, you feel and touch your own asshole. Your journey ends with writing a love letter to your asshole which you then read out to the group.

Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 17:30 - 19:00 

Now Watch Me

with TAMER (d/e)


Striptease is a wonderful way to express yourself erotically through body language. 

Leave your inhibitions and self-censorship outside for once, show yourself as you are, and celebrate your body. 

Use your clothes as props and playfully tell a story with them.

Use your breath and your looks to seduce your audience or your partner. 

Do a solo strip, give someone a lap dance, or team up with others and perform in a group...

Do whatever you feel like!


with FIREFLY (e)


Let’s explore Cock massage using techniques of Tantra. Learning to read your partners breath and movement to raise the energy in the Lingam and move it throughout their body.




In this workshop, we will learn to tie a simple chest harness to which we can then leash our sub and engage in a tingling game of power play, dominance, and surrender. 

Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 19:15 - 19:45
Men Tantra


We meet in small groups to share, reflect and digest our experiences of the day and find a way out of the workshop setting into a cozy evening where the facilities, garden and sauna are at your disposal.

Saturday, 27 Mai 2023 | 19:45 - 22:30