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The first workshop is open to everyone. After that, you can spontaneously decide which of the three workshops you want to attend. At the end of the day we all meet in the big room for further information and a short sharing. The program is subject to change.  


We have three rooms, a small sauna, a kitchen and garden, as well as three showers/toilets. 

The anteroom of the sauna is also used for workshops. It may happen that for the workshops the rooms are spontaneously swapped if it makes sense due to the number of participants.

Please be in the respective room 5 minutes before the start of the workshop so that we can assess whether rooms need to be changed. 


On Saturday evening the rooms are available to all participants until 10:30 pm to play and relax.

= there might be louder music

🕺🏽 = workshop with movement or dance

To visualize how much physical closeness and eroticism a workshop can contain, we use a color scale, which we depict as a spectrum:

Sat, 25 May 2024 | 10:00 - 12:00 h


with JULIAN & SIMON (d/e)


After the welcome and information talk, we will get in the mood for the weekend with a short guided meditation.

We will consciously celebrate the transition from clothed to naked with a ritual and greet and honor our bodies with various touches.

Sat, 25 May 2024 | 12:30 - 14:00 h


with JORDAN (e) |🕺🏽


This workshop explores the relaxing benefits of Yin Yoga with a partner. Instead of moving with the partner we hold the poses for longer enabling both people to rest and restore each other in a deep state of relaxation. We will we explore a sequence of 10 Yin Yoga poses with a partner (switching roles) using each other’s body weight and support to release muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness, increasing flexibility and reducing stress. The effects can be sensual with the possibility of arousal. 


with TIBERIUS (d)


Arrive, become touchable and enter into encounter.

I accompany you to arrive here in your body and become aware of yourself: Which sensory stimuli trigger which feelings in you? After the self-awareness, I invite you to get in touch with your partner and feel your body sensations with them: How do I experience myself through touch with a partner?

You have the opportunity to try to deal with shame and insecurities, overcome your fears and express your wishes and needs in consens: Where and how do I want to be touched, How does my partner react to my touch, What makes me feel good, What triggers unpleasant sensations? What can I discover for myself and incorporate into my sensual repertoire?


with NIV (e)


With what intentions and longings do I go into the weekend? What do I hope for? What do I bring with me for the group? We deal with these questions using the format of a heart circle: One person talks, the others listen.

Unlike most other workshops, this part takes place without touching and direct interaction with the other participants.

L U N C H   B R E A K 
Sat, 25 May 2024 | 15:30 - 17:00 h


with NIV (e)  | ♫ 🕺🏽


Contact Improvisation is a form of dance where you improvise with one or more partners no set steps or move.  One hour of led movement and 30 mins of free jam - dance with whoever you want.


with ALEXANDER (d/e)


In this workshop the focus is on attentive concentration and unintentional touching of the genitals. After a short check-in, the meditation ritual starts directly. Arousal and grounding can be experienced in combination.

Queer Date

with JULIAN (d/e)


Four different dates, four different men. You meet with energy, words, play and touch and get to know each other in different ways. You can always modify the suggested games so that they feel right for both of you. 

Sat, 25 May2024 | 17:30 - 19:00 h

INtention Of Touch

with P!NTO (e)


In this workshop we will practise putting intention in our touch without words. We will explore the joy of touching and being touched. I invite you to create a slow exploration together, avoiding performances or pre-rehearsed scripts, to reach an imaginary place that will bring great pleasure to the receiver and also to the explorer.

Let's do a 50/50 game where you will give and receive at the same time - using different kinds of strokes and pressures moving continuously and slowly.

Then you can create your own small undressing ritual…


with FIREFLY (e)  | ♫ 🕺🏽


Welcome to Tantric Burlesque! Here you will learn how to use burlesque as a tool for self-expression and flirting. My goal is to help you create a playful, sexy and confident persona to feel comfortable in your own skin. From hats and masks to feathers and fans, it's everything you need to know to transform into a tantalizing burlesque performer. So strap on your nipple tassels and let's get started! Together, we'll explore the world of burlesque and create a space for everyone to feel empowered and have fun!


with ROWAN (d/e)


My style of shibari is focused on the connection, letting go, diving deep in your body and allowing intimacy....


In my workshop you will experience how to connect with people by using ropes.

Sat, 25 May 2024 | 19:15 - 19:30 h
Gay Tantra


We meet in small groups to share, reflect and digest our experiences of the day and find a way out of the workshop setting into a cozy evening where the facilities, garden and sauna are at your disposal.

D I N N E R   B R E A K
Sat, 25 May 2024 | 21:00 - 22:30 h 


The large room will be transformed into a temple where relaxation and sensuality can unfold. Danilo will create a magical and meditative atmosphere with live music and incense. 


Those who want to get a little wilder can let off steam in the Energy Room. Louder activities are also welcome here. 


When the weather is nice, the garden is ideal for conversations. 


The sauna is hot from 19:30 - 22:30!