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The first workshop is open to everyone. After that, you can spontaneously decide which of the three workshops you want to attend. The program can change.


We have three rooms, a small sauna, a kitchen and the garden, as well as three showers/WC. The anteroom of the sauna is also used for some workshops. It is possible that for the workshops the rooms will be changed spontaneously, if it makes sense due to the number of participants.


On Saturday evening, after the last workshop block, the facilities (play space, cuddle space, kitchen, garden and sauna) will be available to all participants until 10 p.m. to let the day come to an end.


 No touch in this workshop

 Touch is optional

🖐️ Workshop includes touch

Saturday | 10:00 - 11:15 h

wELCOME &  Undressing RITUAL


After the welcome and information session, we will get in the spirit of the weekend with a short guided meditation.

We will consciously celebrate the transition from clothed to naked with a ritual and greet and honor our bodies with various touches.

Saturday | 11:30 - 13:00 h




After freeing ourselves from the constricting clothes, we practice a slow Hatha yoga naked, focused on the breath.

A yoga in which you can get to know and feel yourself and your body even better.


🖐️ with NIV


Workshop about touch and consent. How do we give and receive touch. How do we ensure we meet our own boundaries and those of the giver and receiver. And you never "pick a partner" rather universe picks and you change between many partners.

The Sensual work: Ropes

 with LUKA


Ropes offer a sensual quality apart from bondage and Shibari. In this space you will explore those possibilities with ropes, their feel and impact on our largest erotic organ, the skin. Mindful for the other person and their wellbeing you will try different techniques.

Saturday | 13:15 - 14:00 h

How to navigate through the festival


After you already got an impression of the festival with the welcome ritual and your first workshop, in this block we will clarify more questions and give you even more tools for self-regulation and self-care.

Saturday | 15:30 - 17:00 h




The universe of dominance and submission is complex and exciting. We dive into a game in which we can experiment with different roles and dynamics with relish.



 with LAURIE


Is touch your love language?

Do you desire a space to see and be seen, to hold and be held?

Embodied Relating is the practice of listening, speaking and touching in deep awareness of presence and sensation, creating more truthful & loving connections.




This is a space for writing letters to our loved ones, dead or alive. You will be free to share them with the group in an anonymized forum, and answer the letters you find there. Inspired by Mike O’Connor’s workshop "Dear John" at Easter-Stretch 2022.


Saturday | 17:30 - 19:00 h

Massage a trois



We will work in trios, two people massaging, a third one receiving. The resulting massage is a byproduct, while at the heart of the workshop we will work on tuning into the person we are giving a massage together with. Let's dance with our hands.


 with OLIVER


In this workshop Oliver demonstrates different possibilities of bondage and the associated safety aspects. With cuffs, ropes, foil and tape the sub is restricted in movement. 

In a subsequent session, the participants can try themselves out under supervision.

Foot erotic



Our feet receive far too little attention. We want to change that. What other ways are there to play with these sensitive body parts besides footjob and foot massage? Experimentally, lustfully and playfully we dedicate ourselves to our feet.


Saturday | 19:00 - 22:00 h